An open letter to my Mum this Mother’s Day…

Dear Mum

Happy Mother’s Day. Quite simply, I adore you.

The End.

Only joking 😉 But how can I possibly explain how thankful I am for you. I have always loved you, but since welcoming the boys into my life, I so appreciate all you have done, and continue to do for me. For us.

I also have a new appreciation for everything you have gone through, and what we have put you through… Motherhood for me has been the most amazing, and most terrifying thing, all at the same time. I live in a constant state of fierce love and pride for my boys (mixed with the usual exasperation at their stubbornness and awkwardness at times but let’s not dwell on that on Mother’s day!), and then swing unexpectedly into being terrified that something will happen to them to hurt or upset them which would destroy me.  One look, one conversation with you, tells me this doesn’t go away. I see you with me and my brother and sister, and with my boys as your beloved Grandchildren, and I see your absolute adoration for us too, and I see your worry and concern when I tell you one of us is feeling poorly, or has had a bad day, or is upset, unhappy or in trouble. We hurt, you hurt. It’s the Mums way.

I have friends who’s Mums live mere doors away (jealous!). I have friends who’s Mums live abroad or a long journey away and I know they miss having them near dreadfully. I have friends who are not close to or have a hard relationship with their Mums and I see how this hurts them. I also have friends who’s Mums have passed away and I see how a little bit of them has died too and will forever be missing and missed.

Mums are unique.  We are only ones who know what your heart sounds like from the inside, and how it beats with love for us unconditionally.

This Mother’s Day I want to tell you how much we love you. Never far away, always at the end of the phone, constantly there to help and support us, and always, always, with open arms and love.  You are incredibly special, completely irreplacable and I would be utterly lost without you.

I will try every day to look after and guide my boys and be the kind of Mum you have shown me is the best to be. Here’s hoping I can step into those shoes.

Love always, xxxxx

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