Let’s hear it for the boys

I sometimes find that being the Mum of boys generates a strange response in some people.

I’ve lost count the amount of times people say “You must have your work cut out for you” (like boys are horrendous and girls are complete angels all the time…?!) , and “Hope you like sports and being outdoors then” (as obviously girls stay in all day brushing their hair and detest all sports…)

But the absolute thing I hate about being the Mum of boys is when people say, “ So will you have another one to try for a girl…?”

A), that’s absolutely none of your bloody business, and

B), having another baby just to tick a different gender box is, in my opinion, utterly idiotic and ridiculous.

A friend of mine recently had her third boy. I got a text telling me of his birth while I was with a group of other people and one actually said, out loud and everything, “Oh, was she hoping for a girl?”

The bloody cheek!! No love, she was hoping for a healthy child who she would love forever you fecking moron!!!!!

Personally, I simply cannot understand our cultures seeming obsession with having girls. When I became pregnant with my first son, I really wanted a boy. I was convinced he was a boy from the beginning (to the extent that I would have been shocked if he wasn’t!), and was so excited. I wouldn’t have minded either way, but I just had a feeling and I was so so happy to be on the blue team.  Even then, people would always say “Are you hoping it’s a girl?”, a few looked a bit disappointed for me when they found out I was having a boy, and as soon as he was here, the “will you try for a girl?” questions started… I find it bizarre!!

Fast forward two years to being pregnant with son number two and the same thing happened again, perhaps even more so because I already had one boy so why on earth would I be happy with another one…!?!

I love, love, love being a Mum of boys. They are fun, they are loving and affectionate, they are energetic and physical, they are clever, they are funny… I could go on… But I could also be describing a girl, right?

All the qualities I love about my boys aren’t gender specific so I don’t see why I am ‘missing out’ by not having a girl…?

Sure, there are some things that come with having a daughter that I might not get to do,  but I would hope that if I raise my boys right, they will meet and choose good wives who will both love me and regard me as an important part of their lives. As a wife myself, I know what qualities are important in a mother-in-law, and what qualities aren’t…!! (but that’s another post… 😉

If people want another child, they should do so because they have more love to give, can look after it properly and because they want to add to their family, not in my opinion, to have a specific gender. Gender stereotypes aside, a child in many ways is the same whether a boy or girl. Certain personality traits may emerge as being ‘gender specific’, and there are obviously the physical differences, but in the day to day, am I missing out by not having a daughter? I don’t think so.

I love my boys, they love me, I hope they will always look after me and treat the women in their lives properly because of how they have been raised. I’m sure in the blink of an eye they will be grown men with lives of their own, but my wish for them is to always be happy, to find love and happiness and success. In the excitement of life, I just hope they remember their dear old Mum loves them, and will forever be proud as being labelled a Mum of Boys.

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