Just call me Adele! ;)


Hello, it’s me… I was wondering after all this time if you would like to meet…?

Much like Adele, I have taken a break of late. Unlike hers which was to enjoy her new child (and wallow in her millions I imagine!), mine has been more self imposed, by life really!  There hasn’t seemed to be much time for anything lately… always somewhere to be, someone to see, something to do, something to sort out… and so my blog writing and self therapy has paused. Ironic really as I started this to do something for myself and to make time for something I enjoyed.  Another consequence of being a parent I guess! 😉

But now, like Adele (once again – because yes, I do love her!), my break is over (I hope!) and I’m back!!   I was lying in bed last night, unable to sleep and thinking about lots of things (nothing harrowing, you know, just stuff), and I realised it was all great fodder for my blog and that I wanted and was ready to share again with my fellow school runners.

So I hope you’ll forgive my unexplained absence and I look forward to sharing again with you soon this craziness we call life.

Gotta go now though, the school run beckons… xx

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