The weight of responsibility

minds under construction

Following my first blog post, I have received a lot of very kind and encouraging messages from friends and family – isn’t it nice to know you all think I am awesome (joke!)

Tom, a friend of mine, recently changed careers and went back to uni to become a teacher and, now qualified, has just started his first teaching post in a real live school with real live children!!!! **Eek**

He sent me a message last night which contained the following statement (which I’m sure he won’t mind me quoting) and this made me think, WOW!

“…For me, I get to see the parents looking longingly through the classroom window wondering what their child has ahead of them for the rest of the day! Your faces tell me I am now in charge of the most precious person in your life. This is a responsibility that plays heavily on my mind.”

Firstly, isn’t that a wonderful thing to say, and secondly, yes, I can confirm he is a brilliant bloke! How lucky his pupils and their parents have been to land him as their teacher.

But it made me think, all the talk at the start of a new school year is about how the kids are feeling and adjusting, and (certainly in my case!) where on the ninny scale the parents are when leaving them to forge ahead on their own for the first time…but what about the teachers who we are entrusting them with?

With your own emotions raw, it is easy to forget that the smiley face at the front of the classroom is more than likely bricking it just a little bit too!… They will have been planning and preparing and spending hours (both paid and unpaid!) making sure that everything is just right and ready for their new pupils… They have to cope with the onslaught of new emotions of 25 kids they don’t know, not to mention the parents hovering round the door… They have to make sure that everything is perfect for each child to have a happy and successful start to their education and school experience because if they don’t the knock on effects of that could be felt for many years to come…

That my friends is a lot of pressure and, God forbid they get it wrong, I’m pretty sure that most parents won’t be backwards in coming forward with their thoughts and opinions if they think their precious little one isn’t happy or being looked after well enough (me included!!).

I know a lot of people who are teachers, and have seen how many hours they put in and how much they care about their pupils and profession, but I’ve never seen it in terms of such personal responsibility.

I think I speak for all the parents I know when I say we all hope our children will have the best teacher possible, and that our kids will flourish under them, developing a love for school and learning which will set them up for life.

Today I am making a pledge to also be the best school-parent possible, to support my sons’ teachers, to appreciate them and help them as needed, and to make sure that they know I recognise the responsibility they have willingly bared for my precious child, and that I love them all the more for it.

Well done Mr Brading Sir, today you have given a big high-five for teachers. Good luck with your new job, I know you will be just perfect. x

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